Community Group- Norwood Swim School


For this weeks activity the community group that I am part of is Norwood Swim School.

Norwood Swim School is a swim centre out of school in which children can learn how to swim and also compete competitively through lots of swimming events and races.  Norwood also hold classes for adults to do lap swimming and aqua aerobics.

I train 4-5 times a week and this is when I train:

5:00- 7:15 am Monday

5:45-7:30 pm Tuesday

4:00- 6:00 pm Thursday

5:00-7:15 am Friday

5:45- 8:00 Saturday

Norwood Swim School is a great swimming club and they were ranked 7th best club in Australia for competitive swimming.

Swimming is a great sport as it keeps you really active and I really enjoy it.


Sarah 🙂


Events at school


Our School Swimming Carnival! 

For this weeks talking about school I chose to talk about an event that occurs every year at my school. One of my favourites: Swimming Carnival !  Swimming Carnival is a time where the whole school, gets in the pool and has a go. 

The swimming events that we do at our school are:

100 metre freestyle

50 metre butterfly

50 metre breaststroke

50 metre backstroke

50 metre freestyle

This school event gets the girls active, interactive with older students as well as enjoying the day and having fun. In my school there are 5 house teams named after flowers and trees. They are Antholiza= Blue, Amaryllis= Pink, Carob= Green, Cedar= Purple and Sparaxis= Orange. I am in the house CEDAR!! After the day is over the team with the most individual points wins the overall cup. Swimming is a great sport to do, so how about you give it a go?





Week 6 activity

This week for the blog challenge I chose to comment on Maryam’s blog which is :

My comment was: Hello, My name is Sarah and I am from Australia. I really value how you are very descriptive on your winter vacation as you have put it into detail as well as suggesting some good places for other people to go. Next time you write a blog post I suggest instead of using words such as ‘Tell U about it’ say ‘Tell you about it so it is not in abbreviations . This would make your writing a lot better.
Anyway good job on your blog post!
If you would like to check out my blog it is:

Thanks guys:)

The Mountain


The journey up this mountain was terrible. The back of my t-shirt drenched with sweat, my legs burning like a fire and my parents yelling at me to keep going. Also I have a phobia of heights. This isn’t fun. After a long tiring walk up, I find a nice cool rock on top, sit down and enjoy the view. I look down. Its about 100 meters. How I hope I don’t fall. My parents call me to come. I make my way up. But I slip. Sweat drips down my face. I’m clinging onto a twig.

Hello everyone, this is Sarah, I’ve started a story on this photo. If you would like to continue this story, you can leave a comment. Thanks 🙂


What’s happening mum? My heads swirling and I know what we are trying to do is illegal. We start running like the wind on a nice day. But todays not a nice day. The men guarding the ship are giving me a headache talking in their low gruff voices; deadly and suspicious. My parents are running. Quick, my parents exclaim their voice filled with fear as we edge down a backstreet towards an opening we can enter the ship. The sky changed colour from blue to grey with lightning dancing through the sky. We run to the boat and hide under the fishing nets. I’m scared they’ll catch us and separate me from my parents. The nets are making me sick like a snake swirling in my stomach. I know I can’t stay under here for long, but I have to because we’ll get caught. Footsteps close in on us as the men board the ship talking in a low voice’s. CRASH a food a barrel has been knocked over by the men and its rolling towards the fishing nets. The barrel rolls right over my parents, I’m next. It hits my head and before I know it I’ve passed out.

I’m a snail


I’m a snail and I can only read brail, my sister is a lot older than me and she is turning frail. I’m a snail and I’m slow meaning I might be caught by a crow. I’m a snail and my shell is brown why may save my life if I start to drown. I’m a snail and I’m teased because my life is at risk if I get squeezed. I’m a snail with an attitude, so don’t mess with me show me gratitude.