All About Me

Hello my name is Sarah.

  • I like to do acrobatics
  • If there is one vegetable I hate it is brussel sprouts
  • I don’t like cats
  • I have a very cute dog at home
  • I have been to Africa and have seen elephants
  • My favourite fruits are watermelons, strawberries and mangoes
  • I like to do gymnastics 
  • My hair colour is blonde
  • I have watched The Incredibles movie before
  • I am not very good at juggling  
  • When I went to the outback camping I saw a Kangaroo
  • I like to eat lollies but not too many
  • Mangoes are really yummy but they can be expensive
  • My Mum tells me off when I am naughty 
  • I don’t like eating octopus but my dad does
  • One of my favourite dishes is pasta
  • Our country is ruled by the Queen 
  • I like running
  • My favourite sport is swimming 
  • I also like playing tennis 
  • I have a unique family
  • My vet lives across the road from me
  • I like swimming in the water at the ocean
  • I have only played the xylophone one time
  • Ice- cream is yummy on a warm day
  • I saw zebras when I went to Africa

7 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. Sarah, your about me post is very informative. I can see that you have written a wide variety of facts about you in alphabetical order, well done! Anesha.

  2. Sarah, I loved the way that you dot pointed all of the things about you. It describes you a lot and I have learnt so much more about you after reading this. Well done xx

  3. Hi Sara! My name is Gabrielle and I would like to tell you that you did a wonderful job on your bog! Your blog caught my eye because I saw that you love swimming and running! I love running and I am one of the fastest girls at my school. Also I love to swim because I am on a water polo and swim team. What got you interested in swimming and running? If you would like to view my blog look at this link:
    Thank you,

    • Hi Gabrielle, thanks for posting on my blog. I have visited your blog and I have 3 older sisters and I am an identical twin! A few things that got me into running and swimming is that I like being active and all my sisters do these sports as well. I swim for Norwood swim school in Australia.
      Thanks again

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