Images and Attribution

What I learnt from the video ‘Sharing Creative Work’ is that on computers your original copy can multiply if you want to give it to a friend. Although you want to give it to your friend, they can take your copy and change or add something to it and even sell it. So thats why there is a rule called copyright. Copyright is a rule that allows no one else to change, use and sell your work. Types of work that can have a copyright license is music, drawings, art, images and books. Although some people want to use your work in a good way, everybody has to use a creative commons license to make sure they reference your work and who they got it from so it is not copyright.

Photos for class


Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 4.58.44 pm

During the process of uploading a photo onto a blog, I learnt that you can’t always use a photo from the internet because it may be copyright and doesn’t have a Creative Commons license. To get this photo without copyrighting I used a website called ‘Photos for Class’ which already has named where the photo is from in a bibliographic entry. If you just get a photo from the internet and it is copyright you have to write your own bibliographic entry.

Describing My Avatar

How much does it look like you? 

My Avatar looks a lot like me because I like being crazy and that is very common in my avatar as one of my favourite animals is a lion and that is my legs and tail. My arms are penguins because I usually stand with my arms down and my hair is blonde.

What Personalities does my avatar have? 

My Avatar is very Happy, crazy and curious just like me and I thought to make a Wildself Avatar to describe my personality.

What makes it typically you? 

My avatar is typically me because I love travelling around the world and all the animals are from over the world. Also the features on the human part is like me as well. Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 12.50.25 PM

All About Me

Hello my name is Sarah.

  • I like to do acrobatics
  • If there is one vegetable I hate it is brussel sprouts
  • I don’t like cats
  • I have a very cute dog at home
  • I have been to Africa and have seen elephants
  • My favourite fruits are watermelons, strawberries and mangoes
  • I like to do gymnastics 
  • My hair colour is blonde
  • I have watched The Incredibles movie before
  • I am not very good at juggling  
  • When I went to the outback camping I saw a Kangaroo
  • I like to eat lollies but not too many
  • Mangoes are really yummy but they can be expensive
  • My Mum tells me off when I am naughty 
  • I don’t like eating octopus but my dad does
  • One of my favourite dishes is pasta
  • Our country is ruled by the Queen 
  • I like running
  • My favourite sport is swimming 
  • I also like playing tennis 
  • I have a unique family
  • My vet lives across the road from me
  • I like swimming in the water at the ocean
  • I have only played the xylophone one time
  • Ice- cream is yummy on a warm day
  • I saw zebras when I went to Africa